Swamp and River Tours

established in 2000

Born and raised in Louisiana, Captain Eli Tate spent most of his days near the swamps and rivers just outside of New Orleans. Later he moved to the Atchafalaya Basin and then on to the Texas, Louisiana border. Growing up commercial fishing on inland waterways prepared him for an education in both zoology and biology at University of Southwestern Louisiana. Soon afterwards, Eli began fishing the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and then South America.

While captaining a long-liner fishing vessel in Venezuela, Eli met and married his charming wife, Maria. Together they returned to the United States to start afresh. It was shortly after he began guiding sport fishing trips that Eli noticed the curiosity many people had for the mystique of the swamp. Encouraged by a fishing trip he had taken a few teachers and scout leaders on, he decided to build a larger boat. His intentions for the custom-built boat were to operate guided class and scout field trips and to take singles groups to local restaurants. Over time the tour has evolved into a fast-paced boat ride through the incredible scenery of the swamps. Eli strives to entertain people, not only with details and facts, but also with an up-close encounter of the biodiversity and ecology of our unique habitat.

We look forward to sharing an adventure with you.

Eli and Maria